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PRP (platelet-rich plasma)

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments are an invaluable option for treating orthopedic and sport-related injuries. Today, PRP is used to help patients heal faster and avoid more invasive treatments like surgery. We can help treat your injuries or damage to parts of the body.

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Amniotic Fluid therapy

Stem cells are the basic cells living in the body, the cells from which all other specialized cells are generated (thus the name “stem” cells). Amniotic fluid is highly concentrated in stem cells, proteins, cytokines, and exosomes that support healing in the body.


Joint pain can be acute or chronic in nature. Examples include overuse such as heavy physical activity, lack of use, sprains, or strains.

Exercising more frequently may help decrease your joint pain and increase mobility and flexibility without causing joint damage. Low-impact activities, ice packs, and some over-the-counter medications can also help. If these options are not working for you we can help you find relief. Advanced Wellness and Pain offers a variety of different treatment options such as Viscosupplementation, or supplemental joint lubrication, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments, and Amniotic Fluid/Stem cell therapy.

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Vivian's Testimonial

My name is Vivian. I’m 83 years old. My husband and I have lived in senior residences for seven years now, watching people cope with changes in their lives. I was also a keen observer of the aging process in my five older siblings. When my first knee pains arrived when I turned 80, I knew I was right on schedule.

First the pains and pain relievers, then a trip to the doctor, x-rays, a diagnosis of medium to severe osteoarthritis, and scheduled cortisone shots into my aching knee. That was okay, but one day when I was entering the doctor’s office to get a cortisone shot a woman who was leaving asked if I had come for shots. When I said yes, she said that she took shots for seven years and was able to postpone her knee replacement until now. She thought I’d be pleased, but I’m not sure if that is the outcome I want. I won’t be a better candidate for surgery in seven years.

I know what happens if the pain is ignored. It’s a constant irritation during the day and disturbs sleep at night. As it gets worse you alter your gait just a little bit and experience little stumbles and actual falls. Then you get a cane, followed by a walker, likely a wheelchair–and then there’s the inevitable knee replacement.

I was moving slowly on this scale, but then Covid-19 came along, and I was no longer able to get cortisone shots. Now what?

I have a friend who in difficulty always says, the Universe will provide. I always smiled at her optimistic outlook.

Then one day I went to a meeting of the community, and there were three doctors who came to tell us about their new practice devoted to pain relief, notably in the joints. The Universe had provided.

This new medical practice is conveniently located in Peoria where I live. The doctors, Greg Wong, James Leathem, and Deepak Sharma, are all Board-Certified Anesthesiologists and their mission is: “to provide state-of-the art procedural services that improve patients’ quality of life and overall well-being.

I have already improved. The pain is almost gone and the plan is to use the newest techniques to restore the needed cushioning in my knee.

These doctors sincerely want me to understand what they are doing and what the intended result should be. They explain every action in detail. The technology is remarkable. I am able to watch what is happening inside my knee on a monitor. I see the needle enter my knee and watch the fluid where it is needed. Pain is minimal and the procedure efficient. I can comfortably drive home afterward.

After five weeks, I sleep better, walk better, and complain less. I have every intention of walking into my 90s. I wish that for you, too.

Advanced Wellness and Pain in Peoria, AZ

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