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"Great doctors performing great work. The amount of thought and care they put into my treatment was beyond expectations. They took time to listen and take my perspective into account when working through the process. They worked around my schedule to ensure I stayed on track. It was a great experience. I highly recommend them if you're seeking the treatments they provide."
Garrick Y
"Beautiful space, the ideal setting for healing physically and mentally. Personable and caring doctors."
Doreen N
I think I was mildly depressed before the pandemic. As it grew- I encountered a more severe depression in lockdown. To make things worse- I lost my mother that year. Now, even more depressed, I experienced a feeling I had never had before: GRIEF.

There I was spiraling down into deeper hopelessness and despair. To make things worse, I had self-medicated with alcohol frequently. I had to do something- something had to give.

I looked into new therapies that I had heard about and I came across IV ketamine therapy in my research. I was skeptical but the positive reviews and articles convinced me to at least, try. I went to Advanced Wellness and Pain because there are three anesthesiologists running the clinic. I just felt better with this type of expertise available to me. I immediately felt better from the first IV ketamine treatment. By the time I finished my six treatments, my depression and grief were gone, my need to self-medicate with alcohol was relieved as well. Today, drinking does not affect my life. I didn’t expect this to happen.

My name is Doug and I am here to tell you my depression, and my grief- are gone. When I say gone, that is exactly what I mean. I wish everyone who is suffering as I was could do IV ketamine therapy. These doctors are wonderful and created such a nurturing and healing atmosphere. The doctors were with me every step of the way of the treatment. They said to trust the process. I did, and I got my much-needed emotional work done. If I did not seek this therapy out- I don’t know where I would be. Wow-what a relief.

I guess that not everyone will have my fantastic results- but many many others have had fantastic results too. So, if you think you should try it- do it. Thank you for letting me share this message with you. I wish you well.
Doug M.
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