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Migraine Treatment

Ketamine for Migraine Treatment

Once only known for its status as an FDA-approved anesthetic, ketamine has since made a name for itself in the treatment of chronic pain, including migraines. When infused at a low dose into the bloodstream, IV ketamine treatments can bring about relief in up to 80% of patients who suffer from symptoms of chronic pain.

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How Does Ketamine Help with Migraines?

One major perk of using ketamine over traditional medicine efforts is the rapid relief that it offers. What could take traditional methods weeks or even months to set in takes ketamine only days. Research is still ongoing in terms of just how beneficial ketamine is in treating chronic pain conditions, but it is believed that ketamine helps foster new connections between synapses and restores damaged nerve connections.

This process is essentially a “rewiring” of the brain that also helps relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression, both of which are prevalent in those who suffer from chronic pain.

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